Complete the whole lesson as many times as you need to.
When you are confident you have grasped the concept being taught come and SHOW the teacher what you know.

Lesson 1

Skip counting in twos

Watch the video, can you sing along?
Another video to help your skip counting.
Now play the game until you are really good at it.

Lesson 2

=Skip counting backwards=

in twos

Apply your learning to solve problems


How many eyes are there in your family?eyes.jpg

How many ears are there in the room?ear.jpg


If 12 birds were sitting in a tree, how many bird legs would there be in the tree?

What if 12 more birds came, how many legs now?

The biscuits are packed in twos. How many packs can you make with 16 biscuits? 20 biscuits? 48 biscuits?